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For over 25 years, AJES Pharmaceuticals has been a dependable and innovative vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer.  Our expertise and adherence to quality standards make us the ideal manufacturing partner for your dietary supplement business.  Whether you are looking to break into the market with a new product line or expand your existing product offerings, our team of innovative chemists and supplement business specialists will help you achieve any goals you have set for your firm.  


The nutritional supplement contract manufacturing industry is cluttered with “manufacturers” promising fast turn-around time and one-stop-shop solutions.  The reality is that to fully abide by all cGMP protocols: manufacturing orders should take 8 weeks to complete.  If you hear excuses for time saving secrets like we stock 

raw material inventory you should ask “can you send purchase order dates so I know how old these ingredients are?”

The companies that want to make “your life easier” by offering additional services like graphic design and fulfillment are more likely to be marketing firms with contracts to other physical manufacturers. 

The most competent nutritional supplement manufacturers will be able to develop products that are truly one of a kind and not currently in the market.  AJES has such capabilities, in particular with gummy supplements.  This emerging and growing market has yet to be fully tapped for product diversity, so if you can think of a great product idea or some effective ingredient not yet adapted to gummies: we are the manufacturing facility to accomplish this. 

Science Driven Gummy Manufacturing 

The east coast now has a Quality Focused Gummy Manufacturer, AJES Pharmaceuticals.  Gummy nutritional supplements are the fastest growing segment of the nutritional supplement market with projected growth over the next decade.  For years the only real gummy manufacturers were located on the west coast or in Canada.  Gummy vitamins offer an innovative way to meet your customer’s dietary needs. 

AJES Gummy Advantages
  • AJES uses Teflon molds not confectionary starch molds to eliminate cross contamination risk, maintain non-GMO status and ensure consistent weights per gummy. 
  • Ideal for firms looking to save on expensive shipping product from California and other western states.
  • Avoid customs, tariffs and border control by working with a US based manufacturer.
  • Work directly with the production facility rather than brokerage firms or a client of your current manufacturer.  
  • Over 25 years of quality, adherence to safety standards and good business practices.
  • Capability to create 100% unique to market products based on your ideas and our scientific abilities.   
  • Vegetarian, Kosher and Halal dietary restrictions can be accommodated.
Mission Statement

Our purpose is to manufacture nutraceutical supplements that exceed all safety and quality standards.  We endeavor to develop dietary supplements which create results and improve the health and livelihood for our consumers.