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AJES Pharmaceuticals is catering supplements and pharmaceuticals to the society for more than 25 years in tablets, capsules, powders and liquids.

All New AJES

To improve its capabilities the management has come up with whole new ideas of product and equipment expansion with lots of investments. Over the period of last year AJES has increased its capabilities in Gummies, Fast dissolve tablets (MDT & ODT) and pharmaceutical compounding products with facility renovation and installation of fully automated equipment lines. Also, AJES has set up its inhouse state of art Research and Development center for new product and technology platform development. There is lot more upcoming technologies and dosage forms. Please contact us for new products and technology platform ventures.


The new AJES’ mission is to develop and manufacture the next generation nutraceutical delivery platforms and apply these proprietary technologies to create a portfolio of improved versions of known supplements with meaningful clinical differentiation that benefit our customers.


New Ajes aspires to become a world-class premier development, and specialty pharmaceutical company with a portfolio of improved products through the use of cutting-edge innovation, proprietary platform technologies, and strategic partnerships throughout the industry.

Corporate commitments

To develop the highest quality, science-based, health products available to consumers. Skilled researchers are committed to assisting Research and Development Teams in developing product technologies for improving human health by using quality supplements.
The corporate bottom line is a commitment to build high quality products with improving profitability and to create rewarding financial opportunities for our employees.